Firecracker Tofu


This Firecracker Tofu will make even the toughest tofu critic, a tofu lover!


  1. Posted by boopysoup, — Reply

    In my four months of being vegetarian and not eating meat this has got to be thd best tofu I have ever made holy sweet lawd jesus it tastes so good

  2. Posted by jessnumer, — Reply

    It was delicious! Perfect amount of Spice! This was my first time cooking tofu and the instructions were very detailed and well explained. Thank you!

  3. Posted by stephaniesd, — Reply

    I can’t do spicy. I also did not have enough hot sauce and instead replaced with sriracha. Overall I will be making this again it with some modifications to make it less spicy.

  4. Posted by skeletalalien, — Reply

    So worth the time to make this! I didn't have Worcestershire sauce so I don't know if that made a difference, but my tofu was not really spicy. I also used sriracha sauce instead of Franks red hot sauce. Either way it was delicious and I got the spiciness I wanted from the green beans that accompanied the tofu 😋

  5. Posted by meganhier, — Reply

    Super delicious but way too spicy for me because our franks red hot was XX hot. I will try again with regular or sriracha

  6. Posted by hoopdido, — Reply

    Your recipe looks good but I don't want your cookies and am not able to turn off so won't be visiting this site

  7. Posted by canyongirlsrn, — Reply

    I would highly recommend this recipe!!! It was delicious and it tastes better than tofu from a restaurant!

  8. Posted by besamartini, — Reply

    Amazing idea of switching chicken with tofu. Looking delicious Thanks for sharing the ingredients.

  9. Posted by lucieelspeth, — Reply

    This was SO friggen delicious!! It's my new fave and I can't wait to make it again! 🥰

  10. Posted by fitstuds, — Reply

    This looks like the perfect mix between lovely and healthy. At least to me...

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